The Best Anti-Fog Glass Treatment For Quality, Price & Value

20 Hours Researched
3 Experts Consulted
100 Customers Interviewed
By Matthew Johnson | July 24th 2020


It’s 9:30 PM on a Friday night. 

You and a group of friends pile into your car after a night of great food and embarrassing stories to cap off a long week at work…

Everyone is looking forward to the weekend, and some much needed rest.

But 5 minutes down the road with the heater on low and the windows cracked…

It still turns it into a rolling steam room. 

With 4 people in the car, the defroster is struggling…

You and your copilot take turns wiping the windshield but it clouds back up in seconds.

At first it was funny, but in bumper-to-bumper traffic, it’s turned dangerous and you’re hoping to get home without any trouble…

But after a couple of close calls, the car in front of you locks it up for a jaywalking couple…
Tires screech…

Could you stop in time?

Sometimes the simple things like anti-fog glass protection are the most important…
But they’re also what we take for granted.

So we spent last week putting the industry’s top anti-fog glass treatments through the ringer…

We interviewed experts and surveyed real customers of every product to get their opinion. 
Now we’ve found 3 clear standouts - and many that you should avoid at all costs. 

Ready to find out who came out on top?

We were too…

Because there’s no shortage of anti-fog products on the market. 

From big companies to store brands (sometimes they’re the same!), you can always find one, even at your local dollar store.

But they don’t all work the same... 

And quality doesn't always line up with price... 

Because businesses know that if you’re impulse-buying at the auto parts store, they don’t have to make it very good…

They just have to make it easy to buy and forget about…

But we have good memories...and one product in particular made a lasting impression. 

Here’s our breakdown of what you need to be looking for in an A+ Anti-Fog:

Must Haves

What To Avoid

Prevents Fogging
Ease of Application
Works In All Conditions (including High Humidity)
Safe For Tinted/Treated Glass
Made In China
Made for Eyeglasses
Dollar Store/Convenience Store Brands
Products untested by 3rd party
Pre-Moistened Wipes
Strong Odors

Our Research-Backed 7 Point System

We tried to find the best performing Anti-Fog Glass Treatment by using a proven 7 point ranking system to test and compare each product. Here’s how it works:

1. Product quality, based on material and sourcing
2. The science, research and development behind the product
3. Presence of harmful materials or ingredients
4. Manufacturer upholds high quality control
5. Quantity and quality of customer reviews
6. Value
7. Return policy/ money-back guarantee 

After intense testing, reviewing expert recommendations and researching customer feedback, we found the following 3 products that stood out among the rest.

Our Top 3 Anti-Fog Glass Treatments:

1. Anti-Fog Hero by Shine Armor
2. Halford’s Anti-Fog
3. Mer’s All Clear
About Our Picks:

Mer’s All Clear and Halford’s Anti-Fog matched each other neck-and-neck throughout the test and ultimately tied for 2nd place. 

Both offer decent anti-fogging ability, however the bottles are on the smaller side, making the retail price of both very high. And when you consider the fact that they only ship from Europe...while good, we can only recommend them for customers in the UK.

Prevents Fogging
Shockingly Good Repellency
No Streaking, Smearing
Safe for All Glass
Made in USA

The Bottom Line

Product Quality:

Anti-Fog Hero is one of the few products in our test that is Made In the USA, and it shows.

It’s quick and easy application on all glass surfaces was a breeze, leaving no streaking or smearing and it performed exceptionally well in all weather conditions at both preventing fog and defogging existing condensation. 

Grade-A materials in an attractive, durable pump bottle easily took it to the top of the bunch.


The engineers at Shine Armor are a bit “hush-hush” about their proprietary glass coating technology, and understandably so. It’s the only product with anti-dust and anti-static properties and it seems to work instantly. We’re not 100% sure what they’ve got up their sleeves, but bravo. It works.

Harmful Ingredients:

None to be found.

Quality Control:

All 4 bottles were identical in volume and quality.


It was by far the most affordable product we tested, especially the 4 bottle-pack, which at the time of writing is available for over $50 off retail, making it hands-down, the greatest value of the bunch.

Return Policy:

Shine Armor offers a 30 Day - No Questions Asked - Money Back Guarantee. We were a little shocked by this at first, but after learning more about the company, it’s actually pretty standard for them. They really want their customers to use and love their products, no exceptions. Very cool. 

What Are Others Saying About Shine Armor Anti-Fog Hero?

"Highly recommend"
“I have used all sorts of anti-fog product over the years but this one stands out. It works. Just follow the directions and it will perform flawlessly for you.”
- Kevin M
Worked out great!"
“My heater core leaked so the windshield on my old car was covered with fog all the time. This product helped in reducing fogging by 85% which is very impressive looking at my issue. It bought me time to get the core fixed and dry out the car”
- Peter S

Where To Buy Shine Armor’s Anti-Fog Hero

While the rest of the industry has been snoozing on a neglected product, Shine Armor has come out swinging and caught just about everyone flat-footed. 

People are taking notice and that means two things:

1. We finally have an anti-fog product on the market that not only works, but works better than described

2. People are buying it like crazy

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