No cloudy or greasy film left behind, just a clean matte finish.

 10,623+ Trusted Customer Reviews

All Purpose Interior Clean & Protect

  • Instantly Cleans Dirt, Grease, Grime, Dust and More
  • Designed For All Surfaces - Carpet, Plastic, Vinyl, Leather, and More
  • Anti-Static and Dust Prevention Formula
  • Latest Interior Restore Nanotechnology

 10,623+ Trusted Customer Reviews

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🛒 ​Stock is Limited: 3,247+ sold out of 4,000 units available!
Get Interior Now
Try it today with 30-Day Money Back Guarantee
🛒 ​Stock is Limited: 3,247+ sold out of 4,000 units available!

    “I have used all the other Shine Armor products so I thought I would give the interior cleaner a try. My wife used it on her Outback and loved the way it went on with no greasy after feel. Will be purchasing more of this product.
    ” - Lance V.

    What is Shine Armor Interior Cleaner All About?

    Shine Armor’s Interior Car Cleaner is formulated using the latest nanotechnology to effectively protect and restore your interior surfaces back to a brand new factory matte finish. This dust resistant cleaner will leave your car interior looking great just like a professional interior detail.  Instantly turn back the clock on any interior surface that you have!

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    Key Features

    Shine Armor's Interior Cleaner turns back the clock on every surface possible.

    Latest Nanotechnology

    Utilizing advanced nanotechnology, Shine Armor's Interior Cleaner is developed by leading detailing formulation experts for an easy DIY application that just as powerful as a professional grade finish.

    Advanced UV Protection

    Most interior cleaners don't protect your surface, they only clean it. Our Interior Cleaner will also guard your interior from UV damage, dust, and other debris.


    Shine Armor's Interior Cleaner is designed to work on leather, vinyl, dashboards, plastic, side panels, and much more. If your interior needs a deep clean and lasting protection, this will work on it all!
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    Our Competitors

    Advanced Si02 Formula
    No Water Needed
    One-Step Solution
    Cost Effective
    Last 2-3 Months
    Ceramic Weather Coating
    No Smearing Or Scratching
    Ability to Withstand Heat
    Outdated Silicone Coating
    Requires Water
    No Washing & Cleaning Features
    Lasts for 2-7 Days
    Non Weather Resistant
    Strips Paint
    Evaporates Due To Heat

    Seen Enough?

    You have never had the tools of professional grade detailers right at your finger tips until now. You deserve to have a vehicle that gets you compliments!

    Ready To Feel Like You Just Drove Off The Lot?

    We have thousands of raving customers just like you!
    B.Preston, Chicago, IL
    "How it makes everything clean and not greasy"

    "I like how clean the product leaves everything. It doesn't leave a greasy or real wet look that attracts Dust and lint. I work construction so a lot of saw dust and dirt dust from the job site comes in my truck and it does not stick to anything and wipes off easy if it does. AWESOME PRODUCT."

    Shawn N, Seattle, WA
    "Lives up to the hype"

    "I’ve been trying for a long time to find a good product at a decent price that actually does what it say it will. Bought the bottle of interior cleaner and used it right away on all three vehicles. Told the fiancé I cleaner the interior of her car. She being very critical on how her car should be cleaned, looked at her dash and seats and said “Wow!” I think the product did a good job."

    JC. ,Madison, WI
    "Great Products!"

    "I admit, I was super skeptical about this product but kept seeing it all over the place being advertised. I decided to finally jump on it and try it. So glad I did! I love the ease of use and the results I get! Love All their products that I’ve tried so far!"

    Brent R., Los Angeles, CA
    "Great interior detailer, not greasy"

    "This is my new go to interior detailer. It leaves a great shine, it's not greasy and it smells great. I used 2 separate detailers , one for leather and one for trim before. They didn't last as long, and left a greasy feeling. I would definitely buy this again"

    Long Lasting Protection
    Dust Resistant
    Quick & Easy Application
    Non-Greasy Matte Finish

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    30 Day Money-Back Guarantee It Works or You Don't Pay
    We want you to be 100% satisfied with everything you buy from ShineArmor. And if you’re not entirely happy with your purchase we will refund your money in full, or exchange the goods. All we ask is that you contact our customer services and then return the liquid coat back to us.
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    Have any question?
    We’ve got you covered!

    1. How’s it work on plastic dashboard?

    Works great on plastic. Follow with shine armor fortify for shine and protection.

    2. Can I use it for car carpet?


    3. Will this work to clean interior door panels that have dirt marks from getting in and out of vehicle?

    Yes this will work perfectly

    4. Is there any risk of making scratches on the car body by using Shine Armor Waterless Wash?

    When used as directed, Shine Armor will lift dirt away from the vehicle surface without scratches or swirl marks.

    5. Can I use this if my car has a sports trim fabric?

    Yes it will work perfectly!

    6. Will this work on the seatbelts?

    Yes, it will.

    7. What does it smell like?

    It has a very pleasant, citrus-like scent.

    8. Does it work to remove stains on fabric seats?

    Yes it can remove stains

    9. Is this safe on clear plastics, such as the instrument cluster and radio displays and such? Some products aren't.

    Yes it is completely safe on clear plastic.

    10. Will this product remove scuff marks from door panel where kids scuff their shoes?

    Yes, it will.

    11. Can this be used on the windshield?

    Yes, you can.

    12. I have small grease stain on a fabric seat in the car. Can this remove a grease stain?

    This will help remove grease stains, if the grease stain is very potent and been present for many months results may vary.